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Marc Spizzirri - Classic Auto Fanatic 

Marc Spizzirri understands the romance and excitement of a classic vehicle ride, the invigorating smell of freshly refurbished leather interior, and a hobby turned passion that ignites the imagination and takes you everywhere you have ever dreamt of. His own zeal for classic vehicles started with a long coveted 1973 Pantera-- the auto he wanted as a kid but could never afford. His solution for acquiring the Pantera and a host of other classic favorites was to enter the classic vehicles business and share his enthusiasm with other fans. In the years since, Spizzirri has transformed his pastime and passion into a business, Family Classic Cars that has successfully created a name of trust and remarkable quality among its shoppers, both locally and now on a world scale. 


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Marc Spizzirri  in Business 

Spizzirri endowments the success of his business to his understanding of the close friendship among classic automobile customers and fans along with the historically robust bond between his Southern California based business Family Classic Cars ( known simply as "Classic" to several ), and the local citizenry. 

"In this business, trust is the foundation on which all transactions are completed," Spizzirri says . "A hand shake still means something." 

He recognizes that this is not the case in several other areas of the automobile industry ; actually it is too frequently the opposite. Regrettably, the new auto agent culture is engrained and tough to turn around. Spizzirri states that he spent thirty years in that business making an attempt to improve the showroom experience. Classic's customers experience a virtually old-fashioned yet extremely welcome, refreshing atmosphere of grace, and respect. At Classic, where millions of bucks are being transacted and funds wired from nations all around the globe without the purchaser ever seeing the car in person, this sort of unique bond is crucial to the success of the business. Spizzirri frequently hears from new patrons, whether in real life or over the phone, that they were told by a reliable source, "Go see these guys at Classic-- I trust them and so should you." 

That degree of trust between Spizzirri and his clients has been rightfully earned, one sale at a time over time. Classic's quality and diversity of inventory, their accurate representation of products and real reflection of the culture translates to a worldwide client base of purchasers. Nonlocal consumers can view the showroom on a live Internet feed, look at pictures, make the buying arrangements and receive their automobile, without ever leaving home. With this type of direct access and commitment to quality, the right auto actually does pay for itself. 

With classic's worldwide standing as a place where folks can relax, be themselves and trust in the car buying experience, attracting classic car buyers and owners is only the start. Spizzirri hopes to consolidate the various billion every year industry under the Classic name and make the culture accessible to all fans, from owners, to auto show attendees to fans of many auto themed shows now dominating cable telly. 

Spizzirri's industry past record and name for delivering the top level of quality and full breadth of autos, gives him the facility to provide culture access to each enthusiast, whether or not they own a classic or not. His goal is to give everybody who wants it, a percentage in the classic cars community. 

The community Spizzirri lives and does business in is a key side of his life. Each of his individual agencies and businesses through the years was built on the bedrock of Spizzirri's work in the community with charitable affiliations. He views his participation in the community as worthy of the same zeal and participation that he invests into his businesses. Working with local charitable affiliations, the great majority of which are dedicated to youth causes, he has devoted many hours per week. This is another example of the enthusiasm with which Marc Spizzirri approaches every endeavour in his life. 

As he expands Classic's reach internationally, Spizzirri is looking forward to extending his community reach, giving back to charities around the planet the same way he has locally. 

Marc Spizzirri Community Support 

He's taken 2 things that another person might see as past-times, classic autos and charitable involvement, and totally integrated them as a part of who he is inside and outside of the showroom. 

The shopper community has taken note, praising Spizzirri with a lot of prestigious awards over time. 

Marc Spizzirri Awards 

Moving into the future means further strengthening the Family Classic Automobiles culture and friendship that Spizzirri and his business associates have come to represent to their 75,000 and purchasers globally while continuing to take a position in the global charitable community. He is also broadening the boundaries of services that Classic offers so as to establish his business as the leading industry products and services partner to the classic vehicle enthusiast. 

Spizzirri now offers sales, service, storage, and consulting, associated with classic automobiles. He plans to add insurance, restoration, transport, parts and accessory sales, auction facilities and other related classic car businesses. Also he is hoping to build clubhouse facilities around the world for enthusiasts to meet and enjoy classic car related activities. Spizzirri recognizes that Classic's reputation is enormous and wants to supply a menu of service offerings to the classic car market reflective of that. 

Marc Spizzirri has lead the way back to the heart of the classic cart market-- a zeal driven friendship among enthusiasts who need nothing more than a key to the culture of vehicles. 

In 2005, Marc was a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. You can download the Orange County Business Book report here. 

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Family Classic Cars
3033 Camino Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano CA 92675

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